Lowongan Kerja PT Huawei Tech Investment

PT Huawei Tech Investment, biasa disingkat Huawei Indonesia, merupakan anak perusahaan dari Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., raksasa teknologi multinasional asal Tiongkok. Didirikan di Indonesia pada tahun 2000, Huawei Indonesia telah menjadi pemain utama dalam industri telekomunikasi dan teknologi informasi selama lebih dari dua dekade.

Huawei Indonesia berkomitmen untuk mendukung transformasi digital di Indonesia dengan menyediakan solusi teknologi yang inovatif dan mutakhir. Perusahaan ini telah bekerja sama dengan berbagai mitra lokal untuk menyediakan solusi yang disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan spesifik pasar Indonesia.

Lowongan Kerja PT Huawei Tech Investment

Fresh Graduate Development Program (FGDP)

FGDP Basic Requirements :
  • GPA : Min. 3.20
  • Graduating year : 2024 & 2025 ONLY
  • [If you are not a freshgraduate candidate but still wanna try to join Huawei you can contact me].
  • Degree: Min. Bachelor/S1/D4

1. Assistant Project Controller [D&S-DMD]

Job Description :
  • Integrated plan Management: able to use excel or software to make Project Plan with other team members, including master plan, human resource plan, material supply plan, on-sites team plan
  • Scope Management: Understand the project scope and able to make scope breakdown base on the telecom product type
  • Cost Control: make the action plan for controlling the cost of project, follow up the plan regularly
  • Inventory management: trace and push the materials inbound, outbound, on-site delivery progress to reduce the risk of long-term inventory
  • Project Lifecycle Management: Monitor project whole lifecycle from establishment until closing, push to close all pending issues and close projects as planned
  • Schedule Management: make project schedule with project manager and other team members since the beginning of project. Analyzes project schedule progress and performance and identifies developing problem areas during project implementation phase
  • Risk Management: able to identify risk and collect risk from other team members in the project, follow up until all risks are closed
  • Progress and Reporting: Project Daily/Weekly/Monthly Progress Reporting to PD and customer
  • Need understand basic background knowledge about telecommunication, engineering etc. to better accomplish tasks and target given

Requirements :
  • Bachelor in Telecommunication major or other related to computer science, electrical engineering, IT, etc.
  • Fresh Graduate or min. 1 year experience
  • English fluent, Bahasa fluent, Chinese fluent is an advantage
  • PMP Certificate is an advantage
  • Project management knowledge, like planning, executing, strictly follow orders etc.
  • Good at word, excel, PPT; Good analytical skills, detail-oriented & strong communication skills to be able to communicate to different level of counterparts; Team leading experience; good communication skills needed; open and fast learning; strong character and willing to take challenge
  • Willing to be assign cross-region/city/island

2. Material Control [SCM]

Job Description :
  • Prepare MR draft based on request from project team.
  • Request PCE, DCE to publish configuration.
  • Monitoring site sign and site verify.
  • Responsible for KPI OTD1, site sign, Site verify, MOS On Time, and MOS Accuracy.
  • Support project delivery implementation by ensure and enhance success supply of installation equipment needed.
  • Close coordination with other internal supply chain team and understand the scope of warehousing, local deliver, reverse logistics, HTM, POD.

Requirements :
  • Fresh graduate are welcome to apply.
  • Minimum S1 degree from any dicipline.
  • Good command of english both oral and written, Mandarin is preferred.
  • Computer literacy (MS Word, Excel, and Power point) and strong in data processing and analysis.
  • Having strong discipline, good analytical and problem solving skill.
  • Good interpersonal, communication, and leadership skill.
  • Excellent drafting and negotiation skill with a strong commercial and legal argument.
  • Determine, energetic, and self motivated.
  • Able to work under pressure, business trip, and overtime if needed.

3. Account Manager [CNBG]

Job Description :
  • Responsible for leading the end to end sales in defined business domains in Key account, including sales strategy development, customer engagement, commercial design and negotiation, to meet or exceed our sales target and growth plan in mid and long term. In the meantime, focus on support customer business success, and get customer trust, support and accomplish the customer relationship target.
  • Understand customer business pain point, gain business insight and influence customer business plan based on customer understand and Huawei strategic objectives.
  • Develop strategy, tactics and sales plans for key sales projects or key sales target.
  • Be responsible for achieving the sales, collection, revenue and market goals targets for the respective account.
  • Responsible to consolidate customer relationships and win customer trust.
  • Identify opportunities, coordinate internal and external resources, and win projects through effective project operation.
  • Transactions management, effectively cope with risks, and achieve business goals.
  • Pro-actively deliver new sales opportunity to internal and customer, also help to increase customer market share.

Requirements :
  • Familiar with telecommunication industry.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Strong communication and presentation skill.
  • Fast learning capability, enable to adapt to new environment.
  • A team player, target oriented and open-minded

4. Assistant Contract Commercial [CNBG]

Job Description :
  • Develop and implement relevant rules/policies/processes, resolve the most important issues in the business domain, and develop cases or problem resolution guidelines.
  • Support account department in organize review and SDT decision-making.
  • Regularly tracking the task of the account and ensure the task implement in time.
  • Support and analyze the related data of review and decision making
  • Organize contract review in the bidding and contract negotiation phases, organize decision-making teams at all levels to make decisions on contracts, and manage the decisions in a closed-loop manner.
  • Participate in contract negotiation based on the specified negotiation objectives and strategies, mitigate contract risks, and ensure contract quality.
  • Participate in contract review and contract quality assessment to ensure the accuracy of commercial and legal solutions and contract quality.

Requirements :
  • Fluent in English is a must, fluent in Mandarin will be a value added
  • Knowledge and skills that must be mastered in the contract commerce domain, such as basic telecom knowledge, commercial, legal, and financial knowledge, communication and expression skills in English/Chinese language, telecom contract reading and writing knowledge and skills, operational tools and processes, and customer understanding and communication.
  • Skilled at Microsoft Office, especially EXCEL, PPT.
  • Team player, self-motivated, result-oriented and highly independent.
  • Successful pre-sales telecom project contract/contract change drafting and revision, contract management experience.
  • Experience in contract quality target setting and improvement progress Operation experience

5. Core Network Engineer [D&S-AMS]

Job Description :
  • Maintain network stability and do preventive maintenance for customer network
  • Do analysis, provide the solution and root cause analysis for any live network issues to customer
  • Do regular meeting with customer and follow up requirement timely manner
  • Self-evaluation and analysis to improve technical analysis and excellent solution to customers
  • Strong communication skills, able to effectively communicate with customers internally, clarify tasks and complete tasks in a timely manner.

Requirements :
  • Bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related major.
  • Good communication and presentation skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English, Mandarin skill is an advantage
  • Good analytical skills, detail-oriented & strong communication skills to be able to communicate to different level of counterparts
  • Have basic of Telecommunication/Core network will be advantage such as HLR, GGSN, PCRF, interface & updated technology
  • Be familiar with the patch installation and upgrade of core NEs
  • Understand concept of datacom/TCP-IP & Familiar skill in linux or related OS

6. Operation Support Engineer [D&S-AMS]

Job Description :
  • Responsible to support Telecommunication MS Project team for either handling Telecom Network Operation & Maintenance or Business Operation.
  • Support team to compile data and create routine report for each respective team.
  • Responsibility for Network Operation Maintenance & Business Operation scope end to end.
  • Actively communicate with all stakeholder including communicate with customer related with O&M operation support matter.
  • Do data analysis, provide the solution and root cause analysis for any business operation maintenance purposes.
  • Be Proactive to do any business operation activities and manage tasks in timely manner.

Requirements :
  • Bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineering or related major.
  • Good in English communication, Mandarin skill will be an advantage.
  • Good thinking of analysis and confident speaking attitude.
  • Have basic knowledge of Telecommunication Network will be advantage (Product Wireless, Access, Datacom, Optical, Core).
  • Have good team work capabilities, make a coordination with external supervision departments, customers, subconts, and project team to implement quality control in an orderly manner.
  • Willing to work under pressure and deadline.

7. Optical Engineer [D&S-AMS]

Job Description :
  • Handle project delivery start from commissioning until ATP.
  • Handle customer communication, help customer to stabilize their network and manage their network and relationship.
  • Provide technical support and non technical support during project implementation.
  • Provide technical and non technical support during project early involvement.
  • Enhance technical skill and master all Transmission skill.
  • Provide good Design Network and implement able design for smooth project delivery.
  • Together with other product provide end to end delivery and design.

Requirements :
  • Fresh Graduate, with GPA >= 3.2
  • English is must and Chinese is benefit
  • Know about optical transmission network; Know and clear about WDM technology
  • Have HCIA Transmission is better
  • Know and clear about optical transmission network; Know and clear about WDM technology; Familiar with basic telecommunication and latest ICT technology.
  • Interpersonal skill; Negotiation skill; Communication skill; Have knowledge about ICT is a must

8. Transmission Engineer [D&S-AMS]

Job Description :
  • Maintain network stability and do preventive maintenance for customer network
  • Willing work overtime if needed
  • Do analysis, provide the solution and root cause analysis for any live network issues to customer
  • Do regular meeting with customer and follow up requirement timely manner
  • Self-evaluation and analysis to improve technical analysis and excellent solution to customers

Requirements :
  • Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering (IT)
  • Fresh graduate from university in 2023 or 2024 with a minimum GPA of 3.20
  • Good in English communication, also mandarin will be advantage
  • Good thinking of analysis and confident
  • Have basic knowledge of Transmission network will be advantage (Product Access, Datacom, Optic)

9. Assistant Power and Infrastructure [D&S-AMS]

Job Description :
  • Assist delivery assurance in the regional O&M (NAV, Genset Preventive maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, incident and alarms).
  • Asist strategy planning for Genset management for operational efficiency and increase productivity.
  • Correspondence to Customer HQ team for Power operational reporting, chalk out improvement tasks recommendation to customer for investments /modernization.
  • Taskforce building and tracking with regional team , with reporting and dashboard publishing.
  • Able to chalk out use cases for further automation development.
  • Responsible for fuel & genset management in telecommunication managed service delivery projects, to ensure no incident or fuel shortage happens in field sites.
  • Handle daily management of refueling operation, including region operations.
  • Handle all fuel billing operations, including invoice handling, verification, acceptance, payment process.
  • Responsible for power and usage analysis of genset in telecommunication usage, including analysis of fuel cost.
  • Assist management team and region field team including cooperation with related team for fuel operations.
  • Report regularly for fuel routine operations, handle and escalate immediately for any incident and its impact to service probability.
  • Regular communication with customer and related team for alignments.
  • Monitor and analyze all fuel operations to prevent and avoid any probability of fraud, and design the process solution.

Requirements :
  • Bachelor of Electrical or Telecommunication Engineering, or any related major to Telecommunication, Power, Genset and Fuel.
  • Fresh graduate or min. 3 years working experience in Power & Energy, Infrastructure telecommunication operations.
  • Have skill and knowledge of genset system, fuel usage, and power & energy consumption analysis.
  • Knowledgeable in leading team management and field team management.
  • Knowledgeable in payment/ billing operation management, fueling budgeting and cost analysis.
  • Knowledgable in Operation process solution design for preventive/corrective maintenance.
  • Able to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia and English, Mandarin skill will be an advantage.
  • Good presentation communication skill, team work, adaptability.

We have Five stages in the selection process, namely.
  • CV selection
  • HR Interview
  • 1st Technical Interview
  • 2nd Technical Interview
  • Final Interview

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